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It Starts With Me Campaign

Mainland Community Services Society (MCSS) organized the Creating Inclusive Community Dialogue event on June 2, 2023, as one of the major activities in raising awareness around issues of diverse and intersecting forms of discrimination against people with disability(ies). After an enlightening dialogue highlighting the importance of creating inclusive communities, the onus is on each one of us to move the conversation forward while acting! From possibilities to practice is the watchword, hence, MCSS’s launch of the social media campaign ItStartsWithMe!

ItStartsWithMe is part of our commitment and dedication to spreading awareness not just during the National Accessibility Week Celebrations (2023 and 2024) but beyond. ItStartsWithMe social media campaign aims to widen the conversations on removing or preventing barriers to disability equity and accessibility in Canada through educational posts, and posts celebrating these achievements. This campaign aims to remind us to reflect, especially when in positions of authority, that can contribute to making accessibility aforethought.

ItStartsWithMe represents a truth that we can all be responsible for positively contributing to making accessibility issues a norm rather than an afterthought. It is to prompt action in awakening a sense of responsibility in the minds of people. Also, many disabilities are invisible, and this campaign will bring visibility to issues that often go unseen. How do we hope to do that? First, Education. Education precedes awareness but also should follow awareness - like a positive feedback loop.

Our target is you! Leaders, workspaces, and members of diverse communities. Help make this campaign a success by promoting ItStartsWithYou on your social media platforms. We encourage you to engage as active participants in making BC a more accessible and equitable place for all. ​

How? Follow and share posts from our social media pages
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Also, tag us and use our hashtags in your own posts. ​

We invite you to use the suggested key messages or inspiration to guide your Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook post(s) to promote your activities. ​

In promoting inclusion, and removing or preventing barriers to accessibility, reflect and ask yourself: “How can I champion disability inclusion in my everyday life?” Share your thoughts with a reflective post! In honor of the ItStartsWithMe campaign, and celebrating inclusive communities and accessibility, how are you as an individual or an organization removing barriers in your immediate environment such as the workspaces? Share a picture or a video! Example: I’m joining the ItStartsWithMe campaign by putting the spotlight on [insert idea/project/activity]. This [idea/project/activity] contributes to the community by [insert goal of project/idea/activity]. For the ItStartsWithMe campaign, you can put a spotlight on the work you already do as an individual, or an organization, toward creating equitable and accessible spaces. Join the campaign and think about what more you can do to champion the conversation on inclusion and accessibility. For the ItStartsWithMe campaign, you can share posts, pictures, or videos of how you marked the 2023 National Accessibility Week in BC, celebrating inclusive communities, as an individual, or as an organization! ​

Suggested Hashtags
Please make use of these hashtags when you make your post(s) so that together, we can reach a wider audience with the campaign.
#AccessAbilityAction ​

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